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  • Nowadays, some tools allow you to get an image of the area in the optical, infrared and radio ranges in one click. According to satellite images, hundreds of specialists are monitoring the situation in places of military conflict, monitoring forests, and conducting various types of investigations . — This post contains free resources and projects […]
  • Information about the employees of “Andisheh Negar Afagh Company,” a cyber unit linked to IRGC Cyber (IRGC-CEC), has been leaked online. This company, like Mahak Rayan Afraz, Eeleyanet Gostar, and Shahid Kaveh, operates under the supervision of Amir Lashgarian.
  • The destruction of the shaheeds and related infrastructure by the forces and means of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in cooperation with the SBU, has been confirmed. New satellite images confirm the destruction on the night of June 21 of the Shahed-136/Geran-2 storage and preparation facilities, training buildings, control and communication points […]
  • Rare Wolf uses legitimate software and disguises in the form of documents with tactical and technical requirements to attack Russian organizations At the beginning of June , BI.ZONE Threat Intelligence experts recorded a new campaign by the Rare Wolf group related to the distribution of Mipko Employee Monitor, software for remote monitoring of employee activities […]
  • “The channel is dedicated to the development of the domestic navigation application ZOV Maps, developed by an initiative group with the goal of bringing our victory closer!” ZOV Карты2022-03-01 13 Version “ZOV Cards” 12. 2Main changes:1) Added coding of areas with dots with inscriptions;2) Added random numbering of encoding points (when dialing each number/code, a […]
  • Drone with target recognition and homingKB Stratim engineers developed the Rusak-S drone with target recognition and homing at the final part of the trajectory. The post contains some details about the technology and a link to a telegram bot that can recognize military equipment in your video. What is homing and why is it needed?Homing […]

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